MATTER Accepts 10 More Healthcare Startups; Will Open Doors Next Month

MATTER today welcomed another 10 healthcare technology startups to the community, bringing the total number of accepted companies to 50. These companies represent some of the brightest innovations in healthcare and will join previously announced members at the new facility when it opens next month.

The 10 new startup members are:

Ascend.Consulting. Unused surgical instruments add unnecessary cost and clutter to hospital operating rooms every day. Ascend’s powerful services and web platform enable health systems to reduce the daily flow of surgical instruments by upwards of 40 percent. The company’s unique technology helps hospitals modernize the way these devices are purchased and managed, leading to a huge financial and clinical advantage.

Clevermind provides people ranging in cognitive abilities with a way to maintain or improve their brain functions by developing applications for mobile devices that facilitate their usage for people who would otherwise have difficulty navigating them. Working with healthcare advisors, the applications help bridge the gap between providers and the home support system and provide accessible tools for monitoring vital signs and cognitive status as well as aid in patients’ neuroplasticity, independence and quality of life.

Endotronix is developing an integrated patient care system designed to help millions of heart failure patients around the world by improving quality of life and reducing the frequency and length of hospitalizations.

HappiLabs has created a service called the Virtual Lab Manager, a “personal assistant” for scientists that specializes in shopping for scientific supplies and equipment for biotech, pharma and academic research labs. Companies can outsource the purchasing process and other mundane tasks to let them focus on their business goals.

Push Wellness leverages technology and behavioral economics to drive health behavior change, producing tangible benefits for organizations and their valued employees. We encourage, recognize and reward the small incremental changes that lead to sustainable health improvements and a better bottom line.

SafeStart is a surgical safety process built around an iOS app. SafeStart improves patient safety, patient satisfaction, staff workflow and patient throughput, and decreases facility and provider risk.

SurvivorPlan delivers web and mobile solutions for integrated care planning, care coordination and patient engagement. SurvivorPlan’s solutions help healthcare providers efficiently develop smart, electronic, personalized treatment summaries and care plans for patients with long-term, complex care needs. SurvivorPlan’s suite of web-based and mobile patient engagement tools empower patients with serious medical conditions to better understand their medical conditions and stay on track with their individual care plans.

TapGenes connects the dots between an individual’s family, lifestyle and health by combining the data into an easy-to-understand genealogy health tree and health risk report card. Its purpose is to provide on-demand information for emergencies, manage complex health issues and identify health risks before problems develop so that preventive actions can be taken.

Varsa Health is a cloud-based system that enables behavioral health care providers to connect with their patients using real-time data as collected from clinically validated measures, health and activity devices, and input from a patient’s loved ones throughout the recovery process. In turn, Varsa provides the data to clinicians and care managers in the form of actionable insights so they can better intervene with patients in need of assistance, as well as track patient outcomes along the continuum of care.

Verteks is a medical technology company providing integrated image guidance solutions to physicians. The company is developing a wearable surgical navigation system. The system allows the surgeon to select and view a patient’s anatomy projected directly onto the operative field in real-time through a wearable head mounted display. The surgeon can view bony anatomy, vessels and nerves by looking at the surgical area without the need to cut, move or remove any tissue.

MATTER continues to evaluate applications on a rolling basis. Interested entrepreneurs should visit Membership rates start at $150 per month and include access to MATTER’s mentor network, classes and events designed to help entrepreneurs and innovators accelerate the growth of their companies.

MATTER is a not-for-profit organization developed by a team of entrepreneurs and industry leaders. MATTER received $4 million from the state of Illinois to help launch MATTER and recently announced $4.4 million in support from its initial industry partners. ChicagoNEXT, Mayor Emanuel’s council on technology and innovation, is a key development partner.

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